Pond Fish and Pond Equipment 

Whether you have a small or large garden, a Pond of any size will make an attractive addition to your outside living space. 
In store you will find  

Filter Boxes and Media, U.V Clarifiers, Pond Pumps, Water Conditioners & Remedies, Corrugated Hose in various sizes, Pipe Fittings, Pond Plants, Fish Food - Sticks, Pellets in varying sizes.


You are also welcome to browse our Pond Fish selection which includes 

Goldfish, Sarasa Comets, Golden Orfe, Lemon Goldfish,  Golden Tench, Koi, Shubunkins 

Pond Liners are available to special order, with a choice of 3 grades 

1mm Firestone Butyl, 0.75mm Greenseal Butyl, 0.5mm PVC 

All you need is the dimesions of your pond (Height x Width x Depth) and we will do the rest. You can also choose to have pond underlay. Home delivery is available. 




Pond Liners

As South Devon Aquatic Centre we pride ourselves on supplying a quality product. 
Our Pond Liners are supplied by Gordon Low Products Ltd who have over 50 years experience in the manufacture of EPDM and PVC pond liners.  
We offer 3 different types of pond liner to suit all areas of application and budget.  
Choose from :

Firestone 1mm EPDM (Pondgard),  Greenseal 0.75mm EPDM,  0.5mm PVC 


To view a table break down of our prices please click here


To Order phone 01803 844498  and speak to Andrew or Trevor or via our webpage 

All prices include VAT and Free delivery to the UK Mainland. 
Pond liners are delivered to your home directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery. 


We also supply pond pumps, filter boxes and U.V sterilisers. Flexible pipe and fittings can be priced on request.


Pond Liner Calculation 

Step 1 
Measure the maximum depth and multiply this by 2 (this allows for any shelves and slopes) 
Step 2 
Measure the maximum width, then add this to the result of step 1 = Liner Width 
Step 3 
Measure the maximum length, then add this to the result of step 1 = Liner length 
Important Note - To allow for overlap add 1 foot or 30 cm on to your liner width and length. 
My pond is 6ft wide by 6ft in length and is 3 ft deep 
Step 1 
Depth 3ft x 2 = 6ft 
Step 2 
Width 6ft plus new depth 6ft = 12 plus 1ft for overlap = 13ft 
Step 3 
Length 6ft plus new depth 6ft = 12 plus 1ft for overlap = 13 ft 
I would need a liner closest to 13ft x 13ft 
We would also recommend the use of a Pond Underlay to protect your new pond liner from any sharp edges or stones. 
Prices available on request. 
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