Marine Fish and Corals

South Devon Aquatic Centre will advise you on all aspects of keeping a Tropical Marine Aquarium. 
From set up and installation, to maintaining water quality and looking after your livestock our experienced staff will support and guide you. 
You may choose to keep a large reef system, or keep fish only, or even a nano aquarium, you will find a large selection of livestock and dry goods at competitive prices to suit all budgets. 
Please see our Facebook Page for our weekly updated list of fish & corals. 

What you will find at our store


Marine Fish, Soft Coral, Hard Corals (SPS & LPS), Invertebrates, Cured Live Rock 

If we do not have exactly what you are looking for we can special order to meet your requirements. (Special Livestock orders are subject to availability from our supplier) 

A large reservoir of R.O. Water is available at all times.

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