Aquariums and Cabinets

Choosing the right Aquarium for your lifestyle and home is an important decision. 
We stock a variety of aquariums from basic starter kits, to complete marine systems. Firstly decide where it will go, how big you want it to be and what type of fish you want to keep. We will then match best aquarium to suit your needs and budget. 
Look out for our special offers in store ! 
At South Devon Aquatic Centre, we are approved Juwel Stockists and have a number of aquariums including cabinets on monthly special offers. Juwel Aquariums are available in various sizes and come complete with inbuilt filtration system, lights and heater. You can also choose from white, beech, black or dark wood finishes on most of the range. 
To upgrade your Juwel aquarium to a marine system, all you need to do is add the Juwel Skimmer and upgrade your fluorescent light tubes. Additional powerheads are also required. 
Custom made tanks are available to special order for Marine or Tropical systems. 
There are a variety of standard sizes or they can be built to fit your home. Cabinets can be manufactured in 15 different colours, with a choice of handle design. 
Marine systems come complete with weirs and sump. Backgrounds, optiwhitetm glass and pipework kits are also available. 
The Signature by TMC is an Optiwhite Glass Aquarium with cabinet. It is rimless and braceless, designed to give an unobstructed view from all angles. 
Perfect for Marine, Tropical and planted displays.  
Cabinets available in Glacier White, Carbon Grey and Charcoal Black.  
Aquarium sets incorporating a drilled optiwhite glass tank, cabinet, a multi chamber sump and fittings are included. 

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